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Customer acquisition can be very costly for businesses

Customer acquisition
Ride hailing - 30$
Technology (hardware) - 180$
Digital lender - 300$
Telco's - 315$
Insurance - 307$
Bank (checking acc) - 600-2000$
Full person acquisition cost > 2500$

We worked with great businesses

Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer

About us

If you make enough noise your customers will hear you, but you’re not guaranteed that they will listen. At Full Reach, we use data and creativity to help brands start meaningful conversations and gain new customers.

While working with our clients and helping them gain customers via various affiliate networks, we came up with a product that helps self-employed professionals earn extra income.

We are on a mission to create disrupting commission-based solutions that are helping self-employed professionals make full use of their clients and personal networks.

Simply put, we present self-employed professionals with opportunities to earn extra income via recommendations, offering their clients services or products of other brands.

Unlike other affiliate marketing programs, our solutions don’t require a solid social media presence or hours spent online. The referral process is straightforward and integrates nicely with the everyday offline interactions self-employed professionals' have with potential and past clients.

Our solutions


If there ever were a profession perfect for a “people’s person,” it’s real estate. Agents, brokers, and realtors are successful only if they build and maintain close relationships with their clients. After all, they take a considerable part in helping families and individuals make one of the most important decisions of their lives – buying a home. And these relationships rarely end at the sale of the property.

Realthy.io wants to help real estate professionals get rewarded for their recommendations. The platform effectively creates an additional income stream for agents and brokers with an ever-growing list of trusted service providers. And, as self-employed professionals earn 15-20% less than their contract-based counterparts, this additional and predictable source can substantially improve one’s livelihood.

Real estate professionals' extensive local network of services let them recommend moving companies, cleaning services, and even schools. When a homebuyer uses the recommended services, the real estate professional receives a commission.

What we believe in:

Building empathy

Only by better understanding the customer and their needs, will we be able to bring substantial long-term value.

Breaking the rules

The existing ways that companies connect with their customers are getting old and stale. We build to disrupt.

Adding value

We enable professionals to monetize their brand and network in the unique person-based affiliate communities

Our Team

Tadas Čekavičius

Co-founder & CEO

Mantas Urnieža

Co-Founder & CTO

Algimantas Padegimas

Co-Founder & CMO

Alex Gibb

Co-Founder & Advisor

Dominykas Stankevičius

Co-Founder & Advisor

Milda Dirgėlaitė

Affiliate Partnerships Manager

Eglė Maldutė

Product UX/UI designer

Denas Kuliničius

Email marketing manager

Karolina Jonutytė

HR Specialist

Sandra Bernatavičienė

Office manager

Dovilė Matulytė

Head of Partnerships

Aleksas Lomeika

Affiliate Partnerships Intern